more…at my book club

8:30 bought our next comic, “Sweet Tooth: Out of the Deep Woods”, and “Understanding Comics” by Scott McCloud.

Asked for “Staring At Sound: The Story of the Flaming Lips”, but I couldn’t afford it so I just opened up the cover and kissed Steven Drozd while the Leader stayed silent and rung me up.

9:00 had a drink with Steven (not Drozd).  ate cheese and drank wine and only offered him a little bit. learned that Hebrew from the Old Testament was written with only 3 consonants.

learned that Rimbeau was a bohemian

listened to a poem by Rimbeau

9:30 left to walk to my car.  fished for my keys in my pockets.  looked in my purse zipper for my keys, felt under my wallet for my keys.  fished in my jean pockets for my keys.  fished in my back jean pockets for my keys. retraced my steps for my keys.

stared at the “CLOSED” sign on Atomic Books.  called the wine bar for my keys.  got a call back from the wine bar saying they had keys but they had a “Towson ’03’ keychain on them.

I graduated in 2002. walked the 20 minutes it took to get to Medfield.

10:00 knocked on my neighbors door for my spare key. talked for 15 minutes about how her cat was named “peanut” when they first adopted it from the SPCA and how the cat had a tiny head and did look like a peanut.


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