I played Tangerine over and over again with Gallery Owner after we left his gallery and the one across the street. I saw the woman who’s daughter died from a shot used to treat that disease and I couldn’t get her out of my head so I wrote her a letter.  I wrote out a check too for $20.00 and wrote her a long message.  Then I called Gallery Owner who didn’t know my number and I asked him if he was going to the Green Turtle but he’d already left.  I walked into a rotating sushi bar thought about wine, talked to a really nice waiter and then Gallery Owner texted me right back and asked if I wanted to get dinner.  I met him a half hour later and I got a really garlicy caesar salad and onion rings and lots of wine and beer and then we parked at his studio, walked down to Clemets on Harford Road and listened to the Led Zeppelin song over and over again with Hank.  Hank is a regular at Clements and he gave Gallery Owner and I two free drink chips to get whatever we wanted.  I couldn’t stand up anymore so I gave my chip to Gallery Owner who got a tequila shot, no…a Wild Turkey shot and a Yuengling.  He kept his hat on the whole time that he was drinking.  Hank says he wants to move to Florida.  I told him about Dubstread and of the golf courses that my parents go to and he was impressed.  He was impressed that the weather down there is always cool and that theres beaches only one hour away from Orlando, where I used to live.  I got into talking about Disney which is what I sometimes do when people ask where I’m from because it’s the part that I remember liking the most, going to Italy in EPCOT after work, or riding the Mar’s rover.  I used to dress up at Disney in a safari costume: khaki pants, a cargo shirt, and camel colored Doc Martens.  I didn’t smile at the customers when I asked if they wanted their pictures because I was always meditating. I meditated with my eyes open while staring at the Tree of Life.  After awhile I started seeing things all blurry and it was really cool.

When Gallery Owner went outside to smoke a cigarette I turned on “2000 miles” by Chrissie Hyndes and I played it as loud as a I could on my phone. Pretty soon the other pool players came out with their sticks and saw that the whole road and roof of the bar was filled with snow.  It was coming down hard.  Four hours later and I sorta wondered if I was ever gonna get to sleep but I figured I probably wouldn’t because it was too late to sleep.  It was 2 in the morning and I had to get up early so i drove Gallery Owner home and he said he had a cat that was upstairs that I could pet.  But I said I had to pet my own cats so he got up.  He saw that he had sat on my caesar salad and onion ring left-overs but I kept them in my fridge anyway and tried to fall asleep before D.C. the next day.


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