at my book club

7:30- got there late but drank a Ravens beer almost completely in 5 minutes anyway

7:45 nodded my head when Leader said that the boy in “the Road” was really the Christ child, and when His Partner said “or the boy could be an angel”

7:50 made the comment that maybe “the Road” was really what the author saw down the line if he kept being a recluse and shutting out the rest of the world and not talking to anybody

i said “or maybe not” after this and nobody responded to me

this came probably from the fact that i did date a recluse (for like 3 years) and we never did anything.  it was so boring.

7:51 wondered at Cute Guy in front of me who said that his wife figured that “the Road” read like a poem and that maybe it was designed to read like Homer’s Odyssey.

8:00 nodded my head when Ellyad said “what’s the point of this book?  they’re all gonna die anyway.  why keep on going?”

8:02 listened to how Charlize Theron off-ed herself in the film. she figured she had no reason to live anyway and so she used some bullets from her husband’s gun.

i couldn’t help thinking that i sort of wished charlize theron had had the same gut instincts after she threw herself at Patrick Wilson in “Young Adult”.

8:10 got another beer when my older friend Steve came in and tapped me on the shoulder.  Drank this one twice as fast as the other

looked at Steve when he said that “the father was trying to keep the son pure.  by bringing him to the beach he was cleaning him of the dirt he saw from the aftermath of the apocalypse.”


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