if i could write a thanks note to my friend, Gallery Owner, here’s what’d it’d say:

  • thanks for finding that cheap  $5 Chinese place for lunch. i can’t believe my chicken came with so much fried rice
  • thanks for letting me read out loud the excerpt from Megan Boyle’s diary, “LIfe Without the Internet. I thought the part about how she’d probably weigh more and have finished college sooner was the best part.  Also I liked the part where she said that she’d probably have unlimited resources and live something like Tom Clancy’s life.
  • thanks for the map to Bainsville where I can search around for a record needle:

  • thanks for being nice even though i took your paper bag from you and almost spilled all your Chinese sauce all over your all white chair
  • thanks for agreeing to listen & copy down conversations your hear from the sketchy girls next door who own a barbershop.  if they start talking about how they’ve eaten at McDonald for the eighth day in a row can you write down what they say?
  • thanks for letting me babble on and on about my step-brother back home and how he used to make bronze sculptures of only his face until he was like 31 years-old
  • thanks for telling me how it works when you own a framing store: you make tons of partnerships with all these framing co.’s. and then when you say you’re going to sell they’re stuff they give you lots of free sample chops
  • i liked the one’s on the wall to the right, behind where i sat
  • thanks for being cool about me touching all the new picassietes even though they weren’t dry yet and getting dirt everywhere and all over me.  Don’t worry I didn’t use your handtowel to wipe it off lol


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