1.23.12: conversations i heard this week


MICA (Maryland Institute for the College of Arts)- Julian Allen Illustration Gallery

“I live on the west coast for part of the year, in San Francisco so I’ve worked with Lucas Films.  You should try working with them.”

“Should I try Naughty Dog?  Aren’t they in Santa Monica?  Should I apply to them?”

“Naughty Dog!  Oh yeah theyr’e great I highly recommend them.”

While volunteering at a Baltimore City elementary school

Teacher:  “Okay guys now we are going to find out what your Chinese signs are.  Let me see.  From our birthdates in seems we are all dogs.  Now.  Let me look up Brian’s sign.  What’s his last name again?”

5 year old student: “I think it’s butthead.”

Me: (laugh outloud)

Teacher: (more to  me than the 5 year old) “Let’s not laugh about things like that.  It’s immature and very disrespectful and when we do that we’re not acting our age.”

Coffee with Tea (shop)-“My daughter is in a high school and she is afraid of boys.  I mean not afraid of them but she doesn’t care about them.  She’s focused on her academics.  She’s really good with relationships.  She’s wiser than most kids I know, about them.”


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