went to see this last movie with bookseller this is what we said at club charles:

-It’s the most domesticated role I’ve seen Jodie Foster in since Little Man Tate. And that’s when she was a single mom from a teenage pregnancy.  So I’m not sure that counts.

-Kate Winslett looked so comfortable throwing up over and over again that I wondered if she was actually bulimic in real life.

-Jodie Foster, a part-time bookseller/writer and a guy who sells dishes (John C. Reilly, her husband) could afford a penthouse looking condominium in Brooklyn. Maybe I can keep on hoping for the unrealistic.

-Clearly I can tell Roman Polanski must have spent his last savings on lawyer fees after being caught in 2009 for that 13-year-old lawsuit thing.  The entire scene in the movie took place in one room.

-How much did Blackberry have to pay to have Kate Winslett’s husband to talk on their phone the whole movie?  Apparently their cell phone batteries lasted the duration of the movie, and when dropped in vase water it survives anyway.

-I think Jodie Foster & her husband kept offering Kate Winslett & her husband blueberry cobbler and coffee because their insurance deductible for their kids missing teeth was really high.

The next question that was about to come out of Jodie’s mouth before the credits were something about that.


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