5 other things

1. I drove through the Shopper’s parking lot like I was Heath Ledger trying to dodge the policeman on the bleachers in that movie.

That was back before he shaved his head, did drugs, and when he was in the movie “10 Things I Hate About You.”

2. The first thing I read in Megan Boyle’s book was “I could never be a sports writer , unless my assignment was to write’ sports sports sports sports sports sports sports’ for three pages.”

3.I am paying $50 a month to get Care First health insurance so I that I can find a decent optometrist: I swore I saw two guys out of the corner of my eye watching me.

When I looked up I saw they weren’t looking at me. One was reading a poster about hot dogs on a spit valve and the other was watching a cashier’s labrador thump his tail.

4. Bought a record, the Fixx’s Phantom album because I liked “Sunshine in the City”.That was the only one on the album I knew.

I was actually looking for the vinyl version of “Stand or Fall”.

I found out what 3 of their songs sounded like while listening to YouTube on my phone louder than the music they had in the store. The store clerks just acted busy.

5.Listened to Alan Jackson on the radio in an expensive sandwich shop and remembered how I made myself listen to nothing but country music for a whole year straight in 2009.

I missed a lot of the news back then. I was always tempted to listen to 90.1 wypr but I wouldn’t let myself.


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