4 Things

1. Feel like I might be pregnant cause I’m getting used to carrying heavy loads around. Everywhere I go I keep tripping over computer cords, Megan Boyle’s pamphlet book, and my purse.

I also spilled two tampons out of my purse. Perks were that it was stuffed with 2 letters of recommendation , Taylor of London lotion, & “The Road” (Cormac McCarthy)

2. Am glad that I have something close to lock jaw. When Dave asked me to do something intimate I really did have an excuse about why I couldn’t that certain thing.

3. I Saw the same guy with the hot green bandana for a 3rd time in a row trying to sell books/cds to:

1. Salamandar Books, 2. Uzakoo Books, 3. Record & Tape Traders. **Note to self: Do not leave the windows open, no matter how nice the weather’s gotten.

4.Am finally seeing a Roman Polanski movie (with Bookseller) because I tried to pick 1 of the 2 (Young Adult or Roman Polanski) films that he asked me to see.

Cross my fingers that I picked the one with the less sex scenes.


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