Stone Temple Pilots

Warmed my hand after I went running for 5m with Yair at Hopkins by picking up my hot pan because I thought I had a grip on the handle but now look at my hand… I touched the metal part instead:

Kept wincing at my temple which is called Har Sanai at 8′ clock, later when we were saying the prayer for the candles “Baruch ah tah…” least I made it through without Cortizone because luckily I had my chapstick and used it as vaseline. After that I went to kiss my grandmother’s plaque that had her birthday and her death year on it and then I made plans to meet Jaimie at the Desert Cafe because she said if we wore purple that we got free hummus (for the Ravens, who are doing well). The Desert Cafe is Mediterranean. It is across the street from the Mount Washington Tavern and that burned down pretty much all completely. I used to go to mixers there to be set up with Jewish guys, but they never paid for my dinners, which is why I always went in the first place. I changed my mind about AS after he asked if I was in New York at this party because he said he thought he saw me there, but I haven’t been to New York in four years. AS also asked me if I wanted to watch the Fight Club or TinTin later but I was at Home Depot staring at screws and wondering how I was going to get my closet doors back on. AS asked me if I had ADD a couple of times and so I wrote him off after that but then I decided that if he helped me put on my closet doors that I’d forgive him for at least two of those times that he called me that. Four hours later and after I’d bought a six pack from The Stretch ( the bar down the street from me), we’d gotten ONE of the closet doors on. I think the beer was slowing us down. So I decided we should watch Drunk History on Funny or Die instead and we watched the one about Ben Franklin and Frederick Douglas (with more beer) and then another one with Michael Cera. After that I came home and I made a new list of all things I have to think up and talk about next time Dave and I get together but I can cross one off my list cause I texted him about it and he said “Appetite for Destruction”. This was the answer to my question “What’s that Guns & Roses album you like again?”. I have to look up the rest before I see him again:

1. Girl punk rock bands in Japan

2. The history behind Scott Weilend (Stone Temple Pilots)

3.A punk rock website equivalent to Pitchfork;sMusic website

4.WhY did Slash (from Guns & Roses) wanna play for Velvet Revolver? (formerly STP)


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