Baltimore vs D.C.= One makes you get your hands dirty

Four reasons to prove why I like to get my hands dirty: Baltimore vs. D.C.

1.Baltimore=  In Baltimore the lightrail slows down through Howard St which is one of the worst streets in our city; I can see all the heroin junkies in slo-mo while we wait at red lights and 5 minutes for the homeless people to cross.

D.C.= In D.C. the people are dressed in too nice of trenchcoats and talking on bluetooths to ever make you feel like they’d throw you onto the tracks before the metro if you didn’t give them .40 cents.  So there’s less of an adrenaline rush.

2. Baltimore= In Baltimore to get Mexican food you have to visit the taco trucks on Broadway or go to one of the restaurants where they sell soda cans with brand names that are all written in Spanish.  Sometimes you have to go to this restaurant as many times as you can. There are illegal immigrants working there and the INS has a pattern to come to these, show their badges, and read them their rights (which are pretty pale).

D.C.= In D.C. all the people dress up to go to Mexican restaurants and you don’t see anybody wearing a bib or speaking another language and the waiters are too friendly and bring your food out right away.  This speeds up the amount of time that you are there so that you don’t feel like ordering a Tecate, getting tipsy, and really getting to know your buds who you haven’t seen all week.

3.Baltimore=In Baltimore when you are walking your dog you often cross roads where there are buildings where the windows are all shut up with boards, plywood, and 2 X4’s.  This helps you run faster which makes your blood go to your head faster because in my case; I realize that I’ve crossed into a neighborhood where there’s a lot of foreclosed homes + Section 8 housing . And in the end I’m better off because all the blood that went to my head and all the brisk walking sort of cleared my head.

D.C= But in D.C. everywhere that you go has colored row homes with plots of grass that people take care of and nurture and there’s few and farer between abandoned lots that you can dream about saving and cleaning to rescue on your own.

2 thoughts on “Baltimore vs D.C.= One makes you get your hands dirty

  1. shannon says:

    Not kidding. i have a story just like this. i used 2 take the train into dc for grad school & i wondered why i didnt live there with all its diversity, intellect, and opportunity(all experienced in one train ride). then i got off @ penn station in bmore & remembered why i lived here. cause its real. enjoyed ur more eloquent comparisons.

    • When a Third World Came West says:

      Oh this is the best story! I like this just the way u said it! Will u copy and paste it to ur blog? What u just said would be a greattt post!!! What’s ur blogs name ??

      Sent from my iPhone

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