Newt Gingrich


I’d tell Newt Gingrich that he talks/looks like the dad in “Contact”- David Morse

I’d say that with less hair he’d be a dead giveaway for him

I’d ask “Did you dance  a lot at your prom ?”  You have  the song “Dancing Queen” as your cell phone’s ringtone

“How come you said you feel more like the tortoise than the hare?”

“If you’re more of the tortoise than how come you didn’t move that slow when asking your wife with cancer for a divorce?”

“Did you go on a cruise to Greece cause you knew it’d be hard to get cell phone reception there?”

“Did you wanna have zippo cell phone reception so that you could have an excuse not to work (on campaign)?

You said you got a Greek view of the world cause you talked to lots of Greeks.

“Did you have to learn Greek to do that?”

“Do you think people would see you as sweeter if you tweeted more things like, “I just had two Reece’s peanut butter cups for breakfast.”?

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