i can be a frog

I chewed on a sunchoke I took from my friend’s kitchen in Baltimore County and I talked to a guy last night with a long grey beard and big glasses that looked like science magnifying glasses.  He went around a porch asking people for cigarettes for me until I got one and then I sat under an umbrella trying to hide from Book Seller but he found me anyway.  I could have gotten squeezed in with all the other people at the Cat’s Eye but he kept saying he wanted to get a beer someplace else so we watched a stand-up bass player play Dizzy Gallespie from the front room where the red pepper Christmas lights were.  I sat in my car feeling like my wet hair from the rain was the closest I’d had to a shower all day and Book Seller and I made out to this song that he said sounded like Prince:

i can be a frog


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