“Write, right?”

Writing how I want to:

Sylvia Plath, the Bell Jar- Writes off the top of her head too, opens up about stealing 1 sleeping pill a day from her mom’s stash till she gets 50, tries to commit suicide ASAP after that. Doesn’t hold back when she complains about motherhood, and about how her husband can fall asleep at night when she never can.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden-His evil characters, Cathy Ames from East of Eden, maintained a sexiness and sincerity somehow. He did a lot of grey…for example his oldest son Aron is purposively good because he doesn’t want to get romantically involved; he wants to serve in the military. But then his youngest Cal son who’s sorta got bad intentions is actually good because he’s a really nice boyfriend.

Writing how I have to:

Sylvia Plath, the Bell JarWas an example of how to use stream of conscience to reveal internal struggle.  Through “Victoria Lucas” she proved that you can move back and forth from being a fulfilled scholar to feeling alone and the transition to either helped to create a wrestling within the narrator.  This helped me understand the author’s labor in attempting to separate their haunts from their successes and their continual contemplation of suicide.

John Steinbeck, East of Eden-He demonstrated how to effectively chronicle character development for example by using a fight the main character has with his brother as a youth.  He builds upon this relationship for the rest of the novel.  He also was able to highlight complexities by making malevolent characters like Cathy influential in a positive way versus pegging them as the antagonist.


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