9 a.m: Top Crush and I still can’t come to an agreement about Wayne Coyne being a good artist.  It’s like bargaining with a Republican.  We kept giving each other articles back and forth from Pitchfork and Rolling Stone about Arcade Fire.  They , for right now, are what stand between us.

11:10 am: Can’t get enough of Wayne Coyne so I watched the first 3/6 clips about their Soft Bulletin album on Pitchfork’s music website

2:00 pm Realized there was a master’s degree program at Maryland Institute for the College of Arts: Critical Studies

2: 02 pm: Realized that the master’s degree program , Critical Studies, was gonna cost $30,000

3:00 p.m: Stole plastic cups and spoons from a closed off dorm around MICA and found a microwave  I could use to heat up my tunafish pasta

3:30 pm:Went ahead and applied for the MFA Critical Studies anyway

4:30 pm: Made a list of things I’d have to give up to go to through the MFA program

5:00-7:00 : Wrote my essay for admittance

7:30 Cheerd a Lebanese waiter with sweet tea and Gobi Manchurian  (Indo- Chinese fusion fo batter fried cauliflower cooked with a spicy indo-chinese herbs and a mouth watering sauce)

8:00 Got a call from Top Crush saying “Where are you?  I’m at your place.”

8:00-9:00 Hung out with Top Crush at my place

8:00-9:00: Took back Berlin Alexanderplatz (German film/Fassbinder) tv series that I never watched from independant video store


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