the Artist (film)

The Artist- 4 stars

who can’t not love a movie where the actors don’t talk?

-black and white films are great and even greater when you have modern cinematography to work with.

-I hope B & W films are on the rise (cross my fingers).

-Argentinian lead actress was fun to watch, a good dancer, and looked like she really did feel bad for the lead actor.

-Cute dog.

-Dog was a symbol of why people have them- because they do not talk and they listen and they love you.

-I think this was the theme for this film.

– Big ballrooms, high ceilings, grand iron staircases.  Maybe it was just the camera panning up and down but I wished I lived back then.

-John Goodman was better as a silent actor.

-I wish I have a enough money someday to buy at an auction all the things some guy can’t afford anymore so I can give them back to him.


2 thoughts on “the Artist (film)

  1. shannon says:

    I, too, am an artist fan. all your points superb. but you forgot to mention all that can be said with dancing, why use words when you can dance? the last dancing sequence made all clear.

    • When a Third World Came West says:

      Oh you’re right that part at the end kind of proved that dancing , simar to art or “the artist” can be as bountiful in expression As can talking.” good point!

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