MFA : college essay

I consider myself a constant student maybe that’s why I got into teaching so that I could keep myself in the loop of what was new or where I could get an exchange across of ideas.  I admire my students because like them I am curious and ready to seek out reading material.  I’ve sought them out to make reading fun as an English language arts teacher in Baltimore City for the past seven and a half years, but now I want to be the student.

I have been fascinated by writing since I was thirteen so I majored in it while I was in college I but did not pursue a career path in it because I wanted to get out of myself, help out other people and I considered that to be teaching.  Now I am looking forward and reassessing what I want.  I still want to make a contribution, but I want to come about this way through writing and publication.  Lately there’s a lot of opportunity to make a difference by making myself available in a dynamic humanitarian way which is what I want, to resonate with issues by writing as an advocate for them.  Funding for the arts, writing grant proposals to help out suffering schools, and writing in favor for non-profits are ways that I can promote solidarity for the arts.  I can influence these tough times by having an MFA help me become prolific through creativity.  I cannot change what’s wrong about my world but I and others around me have the ability to persuade it.  My goal is to take the step in the direction towards what I’ve always had a passion for, by attending a master’s degree to hone my skills and impress upon myself to write in favor of transformation.

Currently outside education, my short- goals have been going to writing hideouts for free around the city, double-checking friends’ short stories before they get ready to be issued, submitting my own short stories to local magazines, submitting to online resources for writers, and using blogs as an advertisement for the manuscript I am trying to publish.  I am seeking out the University of Baltimore because I have friends in this program that complement the way the creative writing and publishing MFA program is working out for them here.  I’ve invested myself in outside writing circles that meet at local books stores and commercial free art spaces and the students who I am bumping into every which way are University of Baltimore students.  Obviously it’s a testament to the university that their students are reaching out to create a part of the city where they can express themselves with their independent publications.


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