my week with marilyn

Movie I Saw:

Michelle Williams wasn’t as bad as I thought she’d be.

-Takes of Arthur Miller were sexy and made me want him . 

-Or since they found a look-alike, made me want to find one too and dress him up as Arthur Miller.

-She got some game with those hot guys (the real Marilyn at least).  Double checked the internet to see if the guy she had an affair with really was as cute as he looked in the movie.

-Already knew that Marilyn (the real one) liked Abe Lincoln so much that she kept a picture of him by her bedstand.

-Was her house in London really as cool as it looked in the movie? 

-If so I gotta get a pink silk coverlet and try sleeping underneath it naked.

-Overall, the movie made me want to watch the trailer for the actual edition of “The Prince and the Showgirl” so that I could see the real Marilyn Monore.  Cause she is so much hotter than….you know.


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