Detroit Documentary

Stuff I’ll Need to Make it:

-Kevlar Vest (or so a friend says)

-a IT guy from my library who knows how to work the video camera I wanna borrow on a loan

-$154.00 to pay off the library dues so they’ll let me borrow a video camera

-a VHS tape or a DVD?

-An artist near Tiger Stadium

-A bus driver that doesn’t care if I stay on their all day, even if I fall asleep

-cleets so I can walk through the debris of abandoned buildings

-a flashlight (I can’t afford a LED one, I’m on a budget)

-someone who knows how to use an excel spreadsheet so I can make a budget

-A helping hand (maybe a guy)

– Always pants with pockets so I can stick things in them

-An ad on CraigsList for a camera guy

-the mic under the seat of my car that I borrowed from a teacher who did National Board Certification for teaching

-postcards of Detroit, places I wanna visit

-Lots of change (kept in my pockets) for homeless people that I want to interview

-Lots of change if I can get it period.

-A copy of Eminem 8 Seconds so I can remember where he came from

-Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” on repeat on my headset

-My brother’s decent pair of earbuds

-A pair of pastels so I can sketch Diego Rivera’s “Detroit Industry” murals at the DIA (Detroit institute of art, which he almost shut down)

-A frame for when I get my picture of Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop’s homes printed out


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