Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

A movie I just saw:

I had to take out the part of me that resists lengthy action films, because that’s what this one is.  In fact that’s how I got the opportunity to see Young Adult- because I stepped out to go to the bathroom on purpose and I watched it for thirty minutes

-Takes place in a cool Swedish castle with a giant water dam coming out the side of it

-Thumbs up that the actress from “The Girl from the Dragon Tattoo” plays the gypsy

-There’s a lot of slow motion fight scenes which I’m gonna steal from  my friend to say that “how can you have a mystery like Sherlock Holmes combined with Guy Ricchie competing with Mission Impossible?”

-Long, long, long.  Be prepared to yawn, forgive your dad who falls asleep next to you for twenty minutes,

-take bathroom breaks.

-Didn’t they learn from the first time not to keep Rachel McAdams in this movie?

-I walked out when I saw she was in it again, but then when I came back she was gone.  Guess they came around too and went with better instincts- dRagon tattoo girl.

-Scenery was great, made me wanna go to Sweden or wherever it was filmed.

j-Made me wanna watch David Blain again when I watched Robert Downey Jr. escape precarious circumstances

-At least David does them for real.


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