Post Modernism

What I Learned About Post-Modernism

-Modernism are the theories at the time that are derived from sometimes religious or philosophical backgrounds.

-Post-modernism says that each idea decided by these modernists comes from their cultural backgrounds, or the time period that those people were in.

-Post modernist refers to a part of a time period; post modernism refers to an era

-Deconstructionist see a piece of modernist literature and take in account the culture, time, and politics in which that piece was written .  Then they can tell what about it was influenced.

-Dogma is somehow related to modernism I think because it means that types of laws or beliefs that a church or clergy said had to be believed by the greater people, whether the beliefs were right or wrong.

-I think dogma relates to modernism because it means that an institution might say “this is the order of the land!” and that people have to believe it.

– But maybe the law of the land was just developed because of what was going on in that authority figure’s life.

-I think this is where historicism comes in.   Historicism is where people are influenced by what happened before them, like what scared them.

-So they try to make decisions so that something scary won’t happen in the future.  This influences stuff like writing and architecture.

-Maybe that’s where battlements came from on castles.  To protect people in castles from arrows and missiles hitting them.

-Is that a form of modernist architecture?

-Basically I think post-modernism is a form of rebelling.

-The time and place your in is probably modernism.  If modernism is all about having writing blogs and short things then maybe post-modernism will be to write long things.

-Maybe post-modernism for our time will be saying “People don’t take the time to read shit.  Let’s rebel against that.”

-Maybe people after this modernist period will start writing epic manuscripts .

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