Things I Needed to Know, Things I Found

Things I Need to Look Up to Keep up with My Date:

1. Stuff on government deregulation

2. Where if, the U.S has stationed troops against China

3. Artichoke Haircut Readings

4. The difference between UMBC and Univeristy of Baltimore

5. Why Marilyn Monroe kept forgetting her lines (was it drugs or was she just forgetful)

6. And what was Marilyn Monroe’s mentor’s name?

7. Newt Gingrich

8. Mit Romney as governor of Massachusetts

Things I found out:

1.Henry Paulson is the secertary of treasury, the U.S. took over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September; John McMain first said he didn’t believe in regulating businesses but then changed his mind about it a couple years ago; people across the boards want the Food & Drug Administration to drop in their two cents about food

2. All I could find about U.S. guarding China is that we’ve set up troops in some city called Darwin where we can get to uprisings if we have to that are beginning in the South China Sea.  Why do we always have to babysit?

3. Artichoke Haircut accepts submissions on noise complaints; their poster for their December 1st reading featured a man in a scuba diving outfit from 1922 kissing a skinny girl in a bikini from 1983; It’s too late for me to submit to their spring issue if I wanted to because the deadline ended on the Day of the Thieves (Dec 15).  Shit.

4.UMBC is more in Catonsville than Baltimore City; U of B only started accepting sophmores and freshman in 2006; they gave free tuition in 2006 to 140 freshman; Before that a long long time ago there used to be three seperate schools…a law school, a business school, and something else .  Engineering maybe.  Anyway they all came together to form U of B.

5. I couldn’t find anything on Marilyn Monroe’s mentor but I saw a trailer for the Prince and the Showgirl and it looked good so you should watch it too.

6. Didn’t have time to look up Newt Gingrich but studied the drawing of him on my dad’s latest issue of the New Yorker and thought up a joke to laugh about how they drew him in a diaper

7. Mitt Romney while governor of Massachusetts raised gas prices by three cents per gallon and made millions for the state; the Log Cabin Republicans liked him at one point because he stood up for health care for them but then renigged when he ran for president; he tried to form something like HillaryCare for the state but it didn’t work.

How things panned out in our conversation:

1. we didn’t talk about deregulation since it was his idea to rent “A Touch of Evil” with Charleston Heston.

2.the U.S. putting troops in China never came up.

3.I asked him about the Artichoke Haircut reading that was supposed to be this Thursday but he said they were taking the month off.

4. He was blown away that I knew that U of B accepted 140 freshman for free in 2006.  I know he was blown away because he said “Wow.  I didn’t know that.”  That was a sign.  He added “Yeah basically U of B just used to be for graduate studies: law,engineering, an associates degree.”  And that made sense.

5.I had the trailer up of the Prince and the Showgirl with Marilyn Monroe up on my laptop but then it got shut off when we put  the dvd for “Touch of Evil” in.

6. We didn’t get to Newt Gingrich.

7.I told him about Mitt raising gas prices and somehow that led into a conversation about us having barrells of oil that we had access to still in Iraq and Bush’s involvement with the Carlyle Group. but he did laugh about the gay log cabin repulicans. Basically he said Romney’s two-faced.


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