My Reading List:

I got back after my cats threw up all over  each other on the plane and after I tipped the shuttle driver two bucks on the way back to my car after he asked if I had plans for New Year’s Eve because he got off work at 2.  I ate a lot of cheese while watching cute guys come in with their girlfriends to Jaimie’s roommate’s place  on the 28th floor in the Vue and I watched one really cute one in the reflection of the window over the harbor while pretending to study a white christmas tree. After I texted Alex and ten other people on New Year’s Eve to “have a fun one” I went to the gym with Jaimie the next day and we watched the Life of Bees while climbing on level 11 on the bikes for 25 minutes then running six miles per hour on the treadmill for another thirty minutes till we ran to the showers because they were closing.  Another  guy kept coming in while I had soap all over myself in the shower talking back and forth to Jaimie in the fancy other stall till I realized she wasn’t there cause she’d run out half naked in her pink towel from home and had come back saying they were about to lock the doors. I’d been having a conversation that echoed back to me for about ten minutes, washing my PacMan tattoo like I was trying to erase it, till I realized she wasn’t there.  Alex texted me out while I was with Jaimie eathing tempe at a vegan place and talking to an old couple from D.C. about how great Apple products were, and he said he’d just showered and asked me to come over.  His apartment was cluttered with the new books he got for Christmas and their was an old bass drum who’s left and right tom’s were in storage and who’s cymbals Alex broke when he had more muscle to hit with them.I was checking out the twenty bumper stickers on it that he’d accumulated since he was fifteen and stopped on one when it said “Husking Bee” with a red circle around some guys in black outfits.  I stayed until quarter till ten when it hit me that I’d forgotten to Skype with Top Crush cause I hadnt seen him since before I left, and now I was back and we should arrange a lunch date or something.  I opted out of doing more with Alex since he kept grabbing my hair whenever we made out (which wound up being a lot) and now it had knots and was tangled and I figured if I’d just gotten some sleep, stayed on his couch, then he could pull it seven hours later when I was awake and fresh and had had some rest.  But I missed my cats even though they were with me the whole Christmas break, in my dad’s bathroom, and so I listened to Rock and Roll from Velvet Underground in the car on the way home  until I changed the channel to 103.1 becuase I had their previously unrelased recordings, Another View on a 33 ” for my new record player.  I played it when I got home and I started making a list of things I needed to look up for Alex.  I wouldn’t let myself see him again until I learned a lot a lot about the follwing six or seven things.  I kept asking questions because deep down I really like talking about the news and politics even though I won’t admit it to anyone else and so I kept spawning conversations all night with him, before I’d left, until I realized I needed to do some homework:

Things I Need to Look Up:

1. Stuff on government deregulation

2. Where if, the U.S has stationed troops against China

3. Artichoke Haircut Readings

4. The difference between UMBC and Univeristy of Baltimore

5. Why Marilyn Monroe kept forgetting her lines (was it drugs or was she just forgetful)

6. And what was Marilyn Monroe’s mentor’s name?

7. Newt Gingrich

8. Mit Romney as governor of Massachusetts


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