Banana Peel

I opened my lip and had a good look at it in the mirror after I told Alex that I’d be right back in five minutes, but really I took longer than that cause I got a drink of water, washed my face, sprayed bath and body works spray on, and checked my voicemail to see if a crush had called.  I checked out my text messages because that went off while he was over too and it was just ‘AS’ saying that he didn’t want a relationship but I made a good drinking buddy and could I meet him out somewhere to get beers?  I cleared all his texts, went back into the room in my t-shirt and underware, searched around the room for some pants so I’d feel more comfortable, felt like a cigarette, and then got back into bed when Alex asked what I was doing.  Living with a guy in the house is a whole lot different then when it’s just a girl, even with cats.  I’d like to say they smell like me too since I often aim room spray in their general direction.  We talked about things, tech lighting, Baltimore Rock Opera, working behind a help desk at UofB and dealing with directors who switch up the stage directions.  I kept asking questions cause I didn’t want to talk about me or open up so I just stared a lot and thought up things to say back, like “how are student directors different from the paid ones?” or “do stage lights work from a switch?”, “do you get paied more than I got for working for Kodak taking pics at Disney?”.  Everything seemed to spawn on a conversation because I got “we don’t have student directors because our President doesn’t pay for plays”, “stage lights are all manual unless you’re dealing with high end stuff”, and “you probably got paid more at Disney than I do at lighting stages.”  I could see my alarm clock without looking at it and felt cold thinking of how we were probably into the early morning now finishing our discussion about Touch of Evil and about how the girl who looked like a man at the end was really Marlene Deitrich.  My bad.  I was so tired.  I kept saying to myself that I was awake but I wanted to stretch out in my bed and feel my clean sheets alone since I’d stayed up all night the day before thinking of kissing Alex and about how long it’d be since I’d see him again.  Guess he’d had the same thoughts.  My black cat wasn’t as scared of Alex as I thought he’d be, he let Alex pet him and he smelled his finger which was a good sign but then he ran off and pooped behind my expensive lounge chair, which was the most I’d paid for anything in my apartment.  Thanks Billy (cat).  Alex said he neeeded to get back since his contacts were in and since he didn’t want to leave them in cause otherwise he’d get pink eye.  I finally got to get my hands on some pants and I felt better once I was in them and we were talking before we left and I put my alarm on to leave.  I thought up conversation to have on the way back to West University St and my heat kicked on in the car sometime near where I parked and let him out near his place and asked him to change his mind about Thursday so he could go to my friend’s concert at the Ottobar, Grey Skies I think they are called.  I came back, stacked the DVD’s I’d rented without his help next to the banana peel, put that in the trash,brushed my teeth,  put on my Valpraiso shirt to sleep so I could think of where Top Crush did his undergrad, how I  would never write ‘AS’ ever again, and scooped up Annie (cat) to sleep with me since she knew her place in the bed.


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