X-mas in a Church

Cell phone’s been working overtime to listen to Christmas songs next to my bed till I fall asleep. I get tempted to use up my battery toIM ‘Too Busy’ like I’ve done every night since Tuesday. On Tuesday I came home to find my bedroom window cracked and I couldn’t find my cat for two hours. I Waited up all night for the burglar, I put the dowel rod in sideways to see if he’d think that would make it easy to get in . then I stared at my Xmas lights until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer and I fell asleep to”Christmas is Here” from the Charlie Brown X-mas album.

Joined a new church, sort of after I took off my shoes and ran from the lights on 34th street to find my phone I left. It was by a couple making out on a couch at holy frajoles . then i saw a church with flashing lights when I left there and figured it enough good luck that it was a sign that I should do something about ….There were no pews and a buffet table inside where I went, where the cross used to be and I called jenn to say there were for free rum and cokes by the sidetable and I could see the hot computer guy testing them out and welcoming people besides me in his leather jacket.

Sat trying to make a conversation with ‘AS’ and tried to say sometthing conservative while he told me about some writer I forgot who, who came up and drank with them at One World Cafe. I tried to listen and say something like, “Didn’t that guy write a book? Was he passing through on his way to a book tour?” or, “Yeah did I tell you Ralph Nader came to speak at our schooL? So did the vice-president of Argentina” and “No, not the current vice-president from Argentina, the one from like 1994.” But I still got “Are you ADD?” from AS again and I left my swivel chair to spin by itself and I went up and over to the buffet table. I mixed the caesar salad hard while I dumped more than Arielle needed of it onto a black plate . I also walked up 3 flights to see the top of the church steeple. I let one leg hang outside the unfinished open window with the cork board siding. I kept my balance with the other leg and listened to “Im on fire ” by Bruce Springstein.

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