Record player

Tested out Tom’s record player for 50 bucks with my hands in my jacket the whole time cause they didn’t have the heat on. then i looked into his eyes and saw that they really were blue, just like he said and just like ‘Too Busy’s’. Over the phone when I asked Tom if I could pay for the record player, the two amps, the speaker cords, the turntable all with a check he asked me what color eyes I had and I said brown. he said that meant bad luck and that I couldn’t be trusted. I guess he changed his mind. He took my check and threw in a free “45-“It don’t come easy” record by by Ringo Starr and since then I’ve bought a record every 3 days and listened to the last one , Emmy Lou Harris ‘s Xmas album until I knew all the words to “oh Christmas is a comin'”.


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