Xena the Warrior Princess, R.I.P.

Drove up to York, Pennsylvania at 415 even though it was getting dark and I wouldn’t be able to see any of Princess Street or the stream scenery in the light. And then I waited till I crossed over the Maryland- Pennsylvania line to call Katie and leave a message about how things were gonna be okay even though Xena the war princess her cat, had to be out down to sleep because of cancer that had gone on too long to treat. I called up the store next to Sugar the sex shop and left a message since they didn’t pick up their phones that’d I’d use the rest of my Christmas money to pay Laura who does pet channeling to talk to Katie about XenA. All Laura needed was an email photographed to her of Xena.

I called T.R Kaltrieder from the number that he’d left on his Facebook and I told him that I’d had dinner with a friend on King Street (which was two Marmont Merlots (good) and an old fashioned, bottom shelf bourbon ) He let me into his place off Queen Street and then he let me ask as many questions about his Somber Spring painting as I wanted and I then Ilooked at the naked angel in it with the brown hawk wings folded behind it’s back, looked at T.R and pictured him naked and thought he didnt look half bad. I got sidetracked off thinking of that when I saw a cabinet with lots of gin, beer, kahlua on it to his liquor collection and considered helping myself to a bourbon and water. I kept saying that I needed to go but then he showed me around where the sheet metal was that he’d used for walls and he even checked in his office for a cigarette when I asked for one , but then he came back empty handed and I wanted one so badly I thought that maybe he was playing a magic trick on me and that he was gonna pull one out from behind his ear and give it to me. We sat on
The same side of the couch petting his dog and then he asked me what I did and I said I taught middle school and I said” I dont like it “. I said I wanted to move to Portland and he said “why ?” and I said so I can live in a commune and not pay rent. I asked him what he thought of school and he said not much since he dropped out of it. He gave me a book by a MICA artist and I flipped though the first couple of pages and saw ‘masturbation ‘ a lot and then I left his place, forgot the book, and went out and bought a pack of cigarettes.


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