510 Studio Space

Thought about how I accidentally probably left my mother’s credit card information at the library while I was using it on the computer, in the middle of a conversation with Alex K. We walked in and found one of my blind dates from J Date talking with a blonde in a fur coat so I made us sit on the couch right near the two time J Date so I could keep an
Eye on their eye contact and see how well it was going. I Wore blue sparkle tights and red shoes so I could be my own Superman since the real one hadn’t come for me when the burglar came and I made some action-adventure joke to Dave, like how he should compete in a toast master’s tournament cause of what he’d said about Mission Impossible at the 510 Space earlierat 7 pm and he put his hand on my leg and kept it there. I tried to think of something from the economist that I traded with Stoney Brook to get it for my Look Look Feathers! by Mike Young book so I could keep the conversation serious and so I could come off as undemonstrative. But it didn’t help that I was acting the way I was because I’d had a red wine and a beer. Later outside in my car I offered to drive him up to his place since it was around the corner and he wouldn’t admit it, but he was cold.  Alex doesn’t drive.  He’s been in three accidents in two years and it’s probably because there’s something the matter with his peripheral vision.  He told me how he went in one day to make an appointment hoping to get lasik surgery but how the doctor came back with a bunch of charts , his glasses set on the end of his nose, and some bad news for Alex.  He’s practically blind the doctor said.  Maybe it’s a good thing in my case, I can be whoever I want and if I keep wearing bright colors like the superman ones the other night, maybe Alex won’t be like all the other guys to say that I’m skinny…maybe if I wear a push-up bra he’ll think I look larger than life.  I tried to think of something to say to keep off the subject that I had classical music on, I was playing with the buttons on the left side of my radio till I found the one to turn the Gits “Conquering the Chicken” album on, but he told me to relax because he used to listen to classical too, back when he drove, back when he could see enough to.  I parked outside his place, hugged him back, turned up the dial to WYPR 90.9 before I thought what was coming would come in my car outside his apartment but he was too quick and he kissed me anyway and I thought “well great how are we gonna remain friends now?” And then I cursed All Over the Place cause he hadn’t texted me in two days , but
‘As’ (Asshole) had and it was to say that he was locked out of his house and he couldn’t get in touch with his landlord. But I didn’t text him till two days later since he must hAve said 6 times to me “do you have ADD?” twice on every date. ‘As’ hasnt texted or called me back since.

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