Jury Duty-Ugh

Lately I’ve been paying for beers, going  to the toilet to pour them out, going back to my friends pretending that I drank my beer so fast back there that I’m really loaded, then calling up to my parents saying that I really am trying to save money. Felt guilty for eating a hamburger while watching a couple try fried worms in Namibia, Africa on House Hunters International while I wrote back to a date; “no. Don’t charge anything for watching a friend’s cat for 3 weeks. Cats are great. You’re on the lucky end of the deal.” and then later after that in bed I kept losing place in where I was reading a students’ version of Farewell to Manzanar because ‘AS’ (tried to type in his contact name as ‘asshole’ but the light turned green) was texting me again about what I wrote about the whole cat thing. I gave up reading the library book eventually and closed the covers around my head, picturing other burglars being scared off by the snow frost I got from Home Depot and sprayed over the bottom parts of my window so he couldn’t see inside. He? Hmmm or she? Used a make-shift dowel rod I pulled out from a Pier One wardrobe and drew attention to a robber by taping it to fit between the roof of the sill and top of the  window  who’s lock didn’t work, by the way. and then I thought about my crush of four years and how he’d given me grief for not having turned the alarm on in the first place and I responded “Well it’d be nice if you were here to remind me to.”

Thought about wearing my shiny tights from American Apparel to Occupy Wall street so AS could do his socioeconomic study on them but thought about looking through the City Paper for something else to do then calling Date and saying I couldn’t come because I had papers to grade

Parents keep trying to get me to push up my flight to Florida, even WITH my cats, but I’m thinking of using the excuse that I have jury duty on those days. I really do have it and mom wants me to call and say I have flight plans. Baltimore really does have lots of cases….met three people after the library, including the librarian who have jury duty too.

Been listening to 101.9 an all around the clock Christmas music station and started singing along to this good country singer’s song loud, like you could hear it out my window, and tried to hold my notes to see what a guy in a green truck driving thought next to me…


2 thoughts on “Jury Duty-Ugh

  1. Joan Gardiner says:

    Sounds like you are having a rough week. Been there also. I had to have Lego (the all white cat) euthanized as his kidneys failed and he was in pain. Still haven’t gotten past it. School is rough right now and when things are not going well outside of school as well, it compounds the problem. Try to hang in there and enjoy your winter break.

    • When a Third World Came West says:

      Lego?? What? Awww he was so cuuuuuute awwww horrrible poor thing. He was so tiny and cute. Oh boy what a good life he had in ur big roomy house though . Ugh someone broke into my place tuesday and I couldn’t find my cat for two hours and was hysterical…thought he’d escaped out the window. Found him smooched under the kitchen sink lol. Yeah I feel for u having to go back into the classroom; it’s been a tough year. Miss Patterson. Can you retire after this year?

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