Korean BBQ

Hooked up with All-Over-the-Place even though I pretty much resigned myself from never talking to him again.  I was at the Club Charles, again, and this time I was sitting next to Frank who saw me singing along to Bruce Springstein’s Christmas songs in my seat while I pretended to read the paper.  I was like “phew,…finally somebody I can talk to.”  He had a green scarf wrapped around his little body and he seemed just as cold as I was…maybe that’s how we started talking about Detroit…cause it’s always cold there.  But he offered to buy me a glass of wine and then the bartender behind the smelly wooden table said that it was in my favor to buy my own liquor since they had a 10 dollar credit card limit.  I am ALWAYS using credit cards instead of cash.  Never stop in time to go to the bank cause its just too cold lately.

After All Over the Place and I talked, hooked up, got into each other, after Frank left probably for good this time to smoke underneath the umbrella and plastic chairs outside, I got out my newspaper again to see if Frank would come back in so I could get his number. 

I pulled up to the Korean barbeque place in a building that I’d seen but always sped by.  It was on the corner of Howard and 24th by the carwash but I drove around the corner a few times doubling All Over the Places calls…”Where are you..” with Ex-Fiance’s “When are you gonna come visit?” who kept wanting to bring up if we were gonna have babies or not and I said “Yeah.  If you fly me there”  (“fly me” was to Montreal) so we started talking about a train or an airplace ride but I had to go, I cut the phone call short, and sat down ten minutes later in heels I was unsure of in front of ten rowdy guys and eggs.  It wasn’t like they hadn’t spent enough money here last time, they HAD to spend more.  The waitress kept coming to the table with bottles of plum wine capped like they were fruit juices.  They all worked the waitress too hard, I got plum juice spilled on my new skirt, I found out that it was 3 15 because the lights looked harsher than usual, I hooked up with  All Over the Place, but I stayed awake all night in the bottom floor of the house he rented.  His dog and I took turns staring at each other till we shut our eyes and opened them again.


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