At Twiggy’s (not for real)

Went to Leslie Lawson Look Alike’s Say What You’re Reading meeting at the storefront of her house while Stoneybrook grabbed two Flying Dogs for us so we could sit down on the red carpet and be wallflowers.  I was gonna have to think up another dare for him to do like going up and talking to one of the writer’s Leslie Lawson Look Alike brought in, after he chickened out from knocking on 1818 W Lafayette Street-out in the middle of nowhere.  We at least saw a pretty green concrete garage across from the parking lot we were sitting in, with a a winding caterpillar painted crawling up.  We were too cold to decide what to do, Stoneybrook and I cause my GPS was short-circuiting and letting me down and and we were lost somewhere in the city on the wrong part of was west instead of east.  I waited for my fingers to thaw out so I could find another way to get to Leslie-Lawson-Look-Alike’s meeting.

Stoneybrook kept taking trips to pee, this was his third one while The Girl Who Looked Like A Porcelain Doll got up to read about why we should have meetings about having meetings and about how she wanted to have a meeting to talk to her boss about love and I completely agreed…we should have meetings all day long.

I snuck up Leslie Lawson Look Alike’s stairs and felt at home next to her cats and her kitchen .  She covered the windows with like wooden wall hangings, sifters, teapots and books but I didn’t get too close to look at any.  I just petted her cats, checked in at her room, tried to imagine sleeping on a bed supported with many 2×4’s nailed together and then hurried down so I could watch the rest of Military Barrack’s slideshow of the salt flats inUtah.  Made a mental note to take up quilting after I watched hers too.  Tried to go up and make conversation with her after but then Stoneybrook brought up something complicated and couldn’t stop talking about it and so Military Barrak ran off to get her card for some fan.  Went up to Leslie Lawson, vowed never to wash my hair again after she tousled it, then read some line from 3:15:The Poetry Project.    Stoneybrook said that’s how Bloody Valentine’s Loveless made it big, they woke up the lead singer at 4 am and made her sing the opening lines half asleep.  So we listened to the song super loud while driving over to Joe’s Squared and kept hearing it on my phone inside over pizza that I made the poor POOR student (really no money at all) pay for.  I just didn’t feel like spending anything more.  And then on the way back I kept fielding off invitations to go up to his place, like about why I didn’t need Vodka right now.  It was my idea earlier in the night to drink Pink Squirrels (vodka, crème de noyaux, white crème de cacao..) but I wanted to stay friends so I made up that I had to get up early.  He kept talking about how his girlfriend back home was pushing him to have an open relationship and how he wanted to make out and hook up with someone here inBaltimoreand I looked over at him and thought he was hot but I didn’t feel like it.  I REALLY wanted to remain friends.  Who else would I have to bring to these writing workshops?  I had to keep things platonic.  Stoneybrook thought up more stuff as we got closer to his apartment, like vodka and amarettos which sounded tempting, vodka and lemonade (which he had), or just plain vodka.  I dropped him off at his apartment three minutes later with the books we traded and then went back to my place to type up an email to Stephenson who promised me a ticket the next day to Fassbinder, a German porn that was playing at the Charles.


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