Aftter hooking up again…3 Possible reasons why he hasn’t called:

1. He coulda burned his tongue after making French press coffee, the kind he made when we woke up the next morning that actually was really HOT, and not been able to talk on the phone

2. Maybe he went back with his friends to the Korean BBQ place and dropped $400 like last time, except maybe THIS time he didn’t have enough cash to cover it and so they took his phone as collateral (and maybe I’ll get a phone call later from a bail bondsman asking for $$)

3. He pissed off his friend for the last and final time and after ‘Mike’ told him not to let the door hit him on the way out, of his house, it did…maybe now he has amnesia and can’t remember who I am


4. Maybe one of his hundreds of friends saw me out at a bar with the other guy I’m kinda seeing, which is right around the corner from where he lives (Charles Vill…)



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