Andie Musik….

I sat down on the wooden floor next to a red-headed girl named Ruby outside the yellow double doors last night to Andie Musik at 8 cause I didn’t want to have to pay the fifteen dollar cover. “All Over the Place” had texted me after my night class to come out to the Red Tree or Joe’s Squared and after an hour I called up some friends and said that maybe I’d meet him out for a drink. But I waited in my new brown down coat in my underware on my couch and he was taking too long to get back. So I wore a heel in the mirror and a boot on the other foot and weighed which option I liked better till I took them both.

Ruby was waiting outside the double doors sitting on the floor still after I checked up on my car and paid the meter and sat down too against the wall listening for clapping so that we could go in. The stich in my side hadn’t gone away since my pilates class at 9 30 and so I couldn’t wait to sit somewhere, upright.

We got into the concert hall and there were these big damask chairs with heavy framed backs and I scooted past a guy in a suit who I wanted to look more at so I could squeeze my way in by Ruby. I wanted to talk to her more.

We heard some piano and some soprano singers who sounded like they were from the Middle Ages and than my phone got a text and I thought it was “All Over the Place”, but it turned out just to be Ex-Fiance asking me if I make a kid with him anytime soon and so I stuck my tounge out and made a grossed out look till I saw someone turn in their seat behind me and I really hoped no one was thinking that I was referring to the singers.

I left somewhere around intermission, found out that Ruby was going to Sarasota, and i we exchanged messages on Facebook to become friends.

I was at Club Charles two hours later singing along to Bruce Springstein and other fifties music and picking out who I wanted to kiss when I dialed up Robert to friend me again and then All OVer the Place texted and said he was heading my way. But then I started talking to a guy and I knew he was drinking a vodka gimlet but when he let me taste it and after he tried to buy me a glass of wine, I tasted gin in his drink and then he said he could relate to me liking Bruce Springstein and I said, “Why? Do you like Detroit too?’ And he said yeah.


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