December 3rd

So much for my TO BE CONTINUED….I just saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I and it just makes everything else seem less extraordinary.  Have you seen this movie?  I’m gonna go over to my friends place in the woods, sit on his back stairs and close my eyes just to PRETEND that I’m somewhere near oh Edward‘s house…
Went to dinner at Don Pablo’s with Eclekta and pretended to want a salad even though I kept looking at the casadilla appetizers and looking at the posters on the wall because its as close to Mexico as I’m gonna get for awhile..Eleckta talked all about her job as an assistive tech in Fairfax County , Virginia and I bit at my virgin strawberry daquiri straw because I was trying to keep up with what what she was doing…she says she’s bad in math but then she did the math faster in her head when she’d asked me how many more credits she’d need if she already had 12 for a reading specialist when she needed 36….ANSWER? took me two minutes…24… I stil counted on my fingers.
We had ice cream well no I was the one tearing the dessert menu out of our waitress’s hand but Eclekta wanted to go back to this frozen yogurt buffet Yogi Castle where we tried seven flavors for free until I gave up wanting to buy some at all..Eclekta’s looked really good…she got this sour tart kind of yogurt that grew on me the more of her’s I took till she told me to get my own.  So I piled mine with mangos, graham cracker sprinkles, and blueberries then urged her to get chocloate on hers because that’s what I really wanted but wasn’t going to get.  I hardly ate anything today but I wasn’t hungry at dinner…kept looking at the menu feeling like everything was too much…that’s what happens when I miss breakfast…and I get more hungry when I cook and work  up to it…I’m just watching all those things going into the pot and waiting for them to stir-fry or boil or toast and then I just about burst when its all done- I can’t get it into my mouth fast enough.  WHat day is it…Sunday?  And I wanted to read the newspaper tomorrow but they get so thick on those days…I’ll wait for somebody else’s leftovers

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