Daytime Drinking…

Been avoiding the highway where that big rock sits cracking from the Chinese lady frowning at it when it doesn’t look right.  I went down the hill to the gallery on the street and danced for like twenty songs to the beat of the guy in the black and white shirt’s hot stare.  He was tall and I kept looking for him in the crowd, by the bathrooms below which the movie screen projected cartoons of sandwiches and icecream above a yellow cardboard looking wave.  I got a drink with Alex that I tried to finish but I just wound up sitting it in a corner next to the black curtain and all our other stuff, jackets, loose keys, maybe a wallet that fell out of my Egyptian purse, the one my mom got me for my birthday two years ago.  And then I sat at the stool and thought up things to say to Brenda and her new boyfriend Kris, but the conversation got silent and I wish already that more people would come into the bar to crowd it up so at least we could talk about the people bumping into us, or make conversation about if we should go on the dance floor or not.  Then we walked down to second city diner which was cool but I got to look up at the posters again of the star wars stuff and the pieces of scrap metal they’d shined up and fixed to the blue headlights of police and other cars and I was glad they’d painted the rest of the place red. I tried not to look at the menu cause then I’d just think of the sundae with vanilla  ice cream with strawberry marmelade, onions, and cold cut bacon for toppings that I wanted so bad.  This place was open till 12 I figured I could get through the rest of the night if I promised everyone that we had to come back here to eat something before we’d leave.

I got a wine some more later back when I was avoiding Mike, going to the front to see the guy in the black and white tshirt again spinning James Brown and then Blueberry Hill and I hid behind two cute guys dancing together you know , to get away from Mike.  He was following me around you know?  Just like when I’d step back and dance next to Brenda he’d work his way in somehow and try to get close.  I started drawing on the cold windows on the other side of the bar where a guy who looked like Harvey Milk’s last boyfriend wrote “Come Inside!  Dance party in here!”  So he held the curtain for me to write something and I thought fast so all I could come up with was “Yeah come ere!” with a heart or something.  I kept watching for people to go back up to the window and draw more stuff and then Mike came around eventually and saw me hiding but he didn’t try to get on my case for it this time, he just said goodbye and that he was leaving.  I gave him a big hug like I meant it, cause I did and then I started drinking my wine seriously because I did feel bad.  But then some guys caught my attention in sweatshirts and I kept going back and forth because the both of them were so cute, I sorta forgot my friends back there, dancing behind me…you know , Brenda, Kris, Alex.  But I was having fun and I got knocked before for not being outgoing so what the hell?  I kept mixing and just listening to the songs and trying to get along as best I could and then I bumped into this guy, I’ll call him Alex2 and you know we got close and I kinda felt like things were getting fun but then they were doing the limbo and it took me like five people to watch before I left Alex2 and went for the rope myself.  I planned on doing a backbend when I got up there cause I thought I could get under it if I did it that way but then I second guessed myself at the last minute and I kinda got tangled up in the rope.  I looked for Alex2 afterward but some girl in a flower dress who was sweating had gotten really close to him by now so I went up to the second guy who was cute and danced around him for awhile…oh shit it’s 2 30 got see Twilight soon….TO BE CONTINTUED


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