So lately whether I put out the wrong dishes in a different place or whether I eat my spoon with my left or right hand really does seem to matter.  I find myself closing my eyes to songs on the radio and if I can guess the name to them then my old boyfriend will call and say that he misses me.  Or if I take the long way, windy way home Boyfriend will call up to say that he’s sorry and will confess that he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about me ever since he had a change of heart about me OH WOE a few months AGO.  Or if I step on a crack,  if I wear my hair up in a pony tail, if I wait till I’m done to do the dishes, if I wash the cat, straighten up around the house, then good things will happen to me too (you know Karma…it’s on your side with all these IF’s..)So I found these things useful on the internet too.  Now I know to beware if my nose itches, am all set to sleep in a different bed if I scratch my elbow, and God hope, I’ll receive money if my hand itches…maybe I’ll go down and make best friends with all  the mosquitos at Centennial Lake on Tuesday.  Till then I’ll hope, I’ll cross my fingers, blink twice like Elizabeth Montgomery, avoid cracks in the cement at all costs even if a nice old lady in front of me is walking on them, and I’ll put sheets all over my closet’s broken mirror.  Something’s bound to happen good that I run into and I’ll keep my eyes set out.  Till then…


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