Herbal Remedies

HOMEOPATHISIST NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Yesterday while reading this magazine I flipped through and found three herbs that could solve my problems for good so now I just gotta go out and search for them, dig up my yard, dig out my watering pail (from under the sink..I think way behind the half empty bottle of Drano, next to the empty bottles of Chlorox Clean that somehow got overlooked during my spring cleaning), pray for sun five days straight then eye them at the quarter of every hour (plus trickle down the holy water on them I bought for four dollars and fifty cents from the local herbal store Crystals, Cauldrons, & Candles so they’ll grow up and up like beanstalks).  (Sigh).  Since boyfriend’s been on the loose ever since he left me blue, to hit the trail down and running for a future bright, wide, open, my heart feels stung, burned, infected, my head’s gone nightmareish, my eyes puffy, red, sore.  But now that’s all about to change.  Grow plants grow.  So I’ve done my time in hunting around, scanning over fields of pointy green plants for just the kind I need….See if you’re any better at identifying the THYME, TUMERIC, WITCH HAZEL that’s sure to give this heartbreak a NEEEEDed rest:



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