Why life feels like a beach today (but not the good kind)…


Life can feel like a beach some days…that’s a good thing most of the time, but there’s ways where it can wind up being bad too.  If the sands too hot it may come across feeling like your bouncing your way out of walking over hot coals.

Life has been a beach for me lately and I don’t even live near one or near any water, just the closest thing that comes to it is my pool but that’s out of order and I won’t see it all this summer.  No life’s felt like a beach lately cause of this:  sometimes walking through life’s obstacles can hurt and it can burn too and it can feel like it’s a test and that to get to the other side you have to walk over a pile of burning coals…that’s what I mean by the beach…Beaches are fabulous and pretty and everybody loves them, just like life.  You can see ahead of you a pretty day but really inside, your getting around a problem and to muddle through life, to get up in the morning and walk as every body else’s feet do , you have to (on the other hand) walk over hot coals.  Life’s also a beach in other ways too.  My boss’s hot-headedness just gets too hot sometimes and a lot, I want to run out to the nearest super market and grab an umbrella, straighten it upside my chair so that I don’t have to take all all of her heat.  And life’s a beach this way…it can be like waves from an ocean:  lots of thoughts floating around in my head that I don’t want there, like thinking about how my old boyfriend is checking out new girls on Match.Com, Spin’s site, Rolling Stone’s magazine, or from Amy Winehouse’s new website.  If my thoughts were really floating around in an ocean I could just go out and buy a steel made swimsuit and then maybe I could get around feeling anything from them at all.  So…see my beach…this is how I feel right now…


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