Tug of War: So says my head

Okay while cleaning out my closets this week and opening drawers to things I hadn’t seen let alone smelled in a few months (it’d been awhile) there were times when I just wanted to scrap things and call it a day and other times when I didn’t let a soggy situation get the better of me.  So would you believe I had a thousand activities I stowed in chunks by my bedroom in-table, stacks by my broken bookshelf, and piles up next to my old VHS collection near my fading Panasonic TV.  It’s that time of year.  My classroom’s brooms, papers, dust bunnys, chalk full of dusty erasers are keeping my elbows sore for how high they’re leaning on them.  Among other things someone stole my coke in the breakroom at lunch and the IT tech guys parked their moving van in my convenient spot’s parking space.  So lately while flipping through my magazine of Under the Radar I really wanted the singer dressed in his satan suit to get the better of me so that I could let whatever was getting to me take the lead and take over as ruler.  But flipping through a couple of short glossy pages later I saw Neko Case in her white dress and thought to myself that no Sarah McClachlan “In the arms of the angels” song could compete with her purity.  I had both sides pulling at me today and this is what my head thought…:

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