I’d rather my ears here these things than the doubts about why BOYFRIEND hasn’t called


Okay so my boyfriend hasn’t returned my texts and I could have sat in here in my empty classroom wondering what was going on but guess what I did instead? I heard Geraldo River running his big mouth on the black and white screen down the hall and decided to join my computer teacher Ms. Butler and throw stale popcorn at the screen when we disagreed (for the umpteenth time) with just about everything he said.  In between the popcorn and the jokes though Geraldo I admit, did throw out some pointers about what and what not to spill to your boyfriend and that’s where and how this old popcorn kernel got stuck from in between my teeth and in my throat.   Oops.  While forking in sauce through my pasta at lunch I kept hearing all his messages till my ears burned redder redder.  Yesterday was better.  Thinking back to it hearing my neighbor’s crackly voice demand over and over again that her pug puppy sit still, seemed quite nice compared to the doubts I’m hearing in my head.  And so was the psychopath come to think of it, on this American Life whose husky lilt got me listening over and over to why he should be let out on parole soon (and now I’m completely convinced he should be).  Then there’s the cockroaches scuttling past my heater’s grate that got me tapping myself on the shoulder for applying out of here and to a cleaner high school.  So, all in all, I guess it looks like I’d rather hear a crackly voiced neighbor, a psychopath, and cockroaches running all over my room then what my head has to say to my ear  about why my boyfriend’s ignoring me…

One thought on “I’d rather my ears here these things than the doubts about why BOYFRIEND hasn’t called

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