Shades of…

Okay so the mockingjay that’s outside my bedroom window is so excited that it’s spring that it’s told me about it alllllll night long: there’s one reason to cover my eyes with some dark and black shaded cover..Next, I made an appointment to see the eye glasses ‘identifier’ today cause in the midst of getting too excited about my iced mocha I could afford (it was Frida and payday) I dropped my glasses along the way somewhere and called up later only to find that they were broken in three pieces (still wearable according to me; hilarious/embarassing/nuts say so friends)… I’ve been looking out the clouded plexiglass window at my work, beaten down from the sun, spitballs, lunatics punching through it to let out their anxst that it’s too hot in here to be actually having school without AC and wishing that I could get a pair of flecs that made stuff rosy, hide-able, ZOOM-ABLE:

I need these for the unattended students leaving early, taking smoke breaks, having food fights in the middle of the parking lots…I could just turn my head but then why not accent the positive…(is there one?)





These are for the three bulldozers I see behind the baseball field in front of John’s Hopkins Hospital’S sign advertising (“new cancer ward on it’s way”…guess they mean the land they’re gonna use when they bulldoze over this school property…






Okay I know I’m not supposed to be thinking about this given that the kids hate the caefteria food and I’ve tried it…I could maybe swallow it if there were maybe staples in the pizza to to get the bite out of my tounge that the stale sauce leaves…but there is an Iggy’s Pizza just over the bridge (and it’s BYOB also) and I can’t help but look down at the face of my watch and see only three numbers in between me being locked behind looking out at it from behind my boss’s office and standing in line smelling asago, ricottea, and three other kinds of white cheeses (needed for my supremeo all encompasing white cheese pizza)


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