(From tv) who I’d meet if I could…


What would I give to be saying “You bet!” to a sip from Pete Hornberger’s whiskey bottle ( I swear I’d mum’s the word to him keeping >1 in his desk drawer) while eyeing the stick figure drawings his kids (well who knows if he has them) up on his wall.  He doesn’t even act like a superstar…but behind Jenna or Frank or Tina Fey he blends into tv bizz like he’s always been there…


Okay so I really wanted to be Camille’s runaway grand-daughter Haddie, sitting on her front porch getting advice from her granma with windchimes in the background and antique tea cups on her truck/coffeetable…I don’t care if my AC broke or I lost my job…she could make me feel that the world was right-side-up no matter what


Okay so when Lisa Vanderpump started going through her French armoire taking out puppy suits and shorts I sorta stopped studying for my mid-terms and payed attention…I’ll babysit him Lisa…shooting for the next season NEEDS to begin (HW of Beverly Hills is what got me through mid-semester to begin with)


So I liked how Harry Crane took a backseat to Don Draper offering him (chummy) bourbon after a deal/no deal with Lucky Stripe, but what was really sexy was when he had second thoughts about his secertary after sizing up the messes left over from thelipstick stains on Roger Sterling’s and  Pete Cambell’s office desks….


I know she’s taken but I welcome Leah with open arms if she’s longing for a new home…each time I see Amber I reach for my children’s button on Amazon to buy a crib, a baby bag, a Teddy Ruckspin and hope one by one I can think up a scheme to get Child Protective Services to let me interview…Seize the Day!


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