On my way to work I heard…

Yeah so I have a thirty minute drive to work…meanwhile passing by the guys selling newspapers about the murders in our city I want to just turn a blind eye to, I sung along with some of these fine tunes…

This is what I rated the songs I heard on my way to work…


 Fleet Foxes  – “Grown Ocean”  (Helplessness Blues)   


The Heard of Main Street- “Same Damn Thing” (Seven Dollar Grave)


Jackson Brown- “You Love the Thunder” (Running on Empty)


Jason Spooner– “Half a Mind” (Sea Monster)

                (hell of a piano player though)

Little Feat– “Oh Atlanta” (Waiting for Columbus)


     (maybe it’s just cause I’ve heard this a thousand times)

John Butler Trio– “Better Than” (Grand National)


 (maybe I’d liked this more I’da liked the King’s of Leon’s original)

Bat For Lashes – “Use Somebody” (Live Lounge BBC 1)

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