Get X-Ray Vision For…/Turn a Blind Eye To…

 1.The You Tube video that your sidetracked kid pulls you away to see in the midst of you catching spitballs from two kids with cabin fever 1. The cell phone that you’ve got on/on high/in your pocket ready to say ‘hi’ (which isn’t ringing with your favorite number (your love’s)
 2.The shorts your stodgy/uptight/aloof-ish yet hot geography teacher down the hall has taken a special occasion to wear while running with the school’s track team  2. To the Psychadelic Furs song that keeps eerily coming up on your playlist after you accidentally pushed shufflethe second time around on your Ipod  to get your mind into a level-headed good place
 3. The Teaching Fellowship opportunity to Tokyo that you eye while hand delivering a progress reports three flights down (all in heels) to the guidance counselor’s room 3. The Lady’s Home Journal recipes that you want to make him (your love/crush/has-a-change-of-heart-about-you-boyfriend) who will gripe any which away about the seasoning/temperature/or taste
 4. The Vietnamese food your math teacher always bring in to work for lunch (if he catches you lusting after it maybe he’ll even make you some the next time around)  4. The mirror in the women’s bathroom that’s never had a decent light fixture anyways and which makes you have deeper circles than your mirror (who was more optimistic—yes I pretend my mirror’s real) at home
 5.The address on the ESPN magazines that your hot gym teacher brought for his P.E. students to use for tips on how to prep for their upcoming wrestling gig  5. The five bumper stickers you bought on a whim after having four cocktails at a bowling alley/ bar/dance club (can you believe there is one?) that every co-worker can see/comment on/make awkward small talk about from their work windows
 6. For the end-of-the-year office party BBQ (the teacher next door has the top notch fish fry) make copies of it and post it all around the back of your desk to keep your mind off the sticky PBJ you have to eat for lunch (the ninth in a — I swear—row)  6. The Chinese take-out containers that your insubordinate kids snuck in and ate under your classroom desks while you were too busy cleaning up the Tootsie Roll wrappers that a kid found in your (When-The-Kids-Are-Good-I’ll-Give-Them-These, stash)

If you haven’t guessed it yet I had to keep my EYE on the ball today…for whatever reason (and boy do I wanna stay away from mr. “REASON’) I just wasn’t myself today and so I had to choose what to check out / what to cover my eyes to…

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