Instead of my BF’s second thoughts I’d rather…

There’s a lot of things I’d rather feel than how it is when my boyfriend calls up from the other line with “this” and “that” and doubts and why he’s got second thoughts and why he’s leaning towards other girls, the other way, or why he’s basically thinking I’m a complainer, a nag in general and why I’m beginning to be a pain. So “I’d rather…” I’ve thought this up more than once today. I’d rather be in a handful of places than on my my kitchen table listening on the other line  in my moccasin slippers, to my ‘love’ giving me a handful of reasons about why I’m just not good enough… If I could do it, I’d check off from one of the following in e my list in exchange from a heartache from best BF ever (and by the way it might not do me so bad to have one of these things happen to me anyway…):

I’m caught curling the cords from my landline, even during thunderstorms, way too often and dash away thoughts that anything will happen (especially if you-know-who calls: love interest/hot boyfriend/mr. stand-offish)….so if I could trade him complaining about my ways for a zip, zap, buzz of lightening maybe the shock would kick start the know-with-all in me to not answer EVERY time he calls….

Okay I know this sounds weird but I’ve never broken an arm, a leg (yeah no , I’ve never done so terrifically in a play too) and maybe that’s what’s keeping me back from toughening up and having a tougher skin in general when I get an earful of lemon squeezes (sours) on the otherside of my portable…and maybe having a broken bone or two would give me something to brag about at my lunch table (full of boastful coaches: baseball, basketball, baseball…) and would also get me a nice note and maybe two (from you know who) on my cast….skating rink?  here i come!

Okay I said a million days ago ever since I saw the calves in their pen and fell in love with old lady dairy maids at a milking farm that I’d take a stand against meat…And now I’m gonna.  So in exchange for putting out of my mind gripes from BOYFRIEND I’d rather get food poisoning from this hamburger, have a change of heart, turn over a new ‘romaine’ lettuce leaf, become a re-born vegetarian and tempt him with green fork-fulls during our next ‘make up ‘lunch…


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