Heartaches: Who’s Shoulder Would You Cry On?

Well lately I didn’t expect to go searching through my computer files for the hottest, strongest guy with the thickest blazer so I could imagine crying my eyes out on him, but I have.  And these guys are the ones known most in movies for breaking girls hearts, like Jennifer Aniston, and well I don’t know about Scully, maybe she let Molder get away, but all I wanted to look at yesterday when I typed in “strong, handsome guy” in my Google search was one of these guys, thinking of him and me (oh I picked David Duchovny) out on a cheap side café in flip-flops, watching dolphin’s fins that we saw and exclaimed over, over good margaritas,swim away, on a warm day somewhere where I didn’t know the language and in a place where I could afford a ticket (maybe Miami)…So if you were done with being bummed from a boyfriend not paying attention to you, giving you the cold shoulder or just being a jerk in general, which circle would you draw around the four of these guys…Why?

David Duchovny:Mysterious/Sarcastic

George Clooney:charming/fun-loving/down-to-earth

Chris Noth: charming/serious/stoic

Gerard Butler: charming/British gentleman/roguish


2 thoughts on “Heartaches: Who’s Shoulder Would You Cry On?

    • When a Third World Came West says:

      wow… thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to write and add your feedback! i really really appreciate it! thank you for letting me know about your PC repair (i’m constantly in need of PC help!!)

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