5 reasons to see Water for Elephants with a guy or a girl

Guys Girls
1. With a guy you won’t be embarrassed when they use profanity out loud to curse Paul Sneider because guys screaming obsenitites (for the Greenbay Packers to win at a sports bar for example) was made popular by the ESPN Zone year ago… 1. With a girl you can commiserate about how your boyfriend acts like Paul Sneider when he wants sex, when he’s tired, or when he’s really really hungry.
2. With a guy you can yell at him for taking all your popcorn “Thanks! That was all mine.” (because you bought it) when he scarfs down most of it after the elephant Rosie runs away from the day-to-day circus anxst of non-domesticated farm living. 2.With a girl you can brush your forehead/put worries aside that your popcorn bucket’ll stay full after bolting the theater for a tour of up-coming movie posters, a trade-off from the inconstant Rosie baton.
3. At a guy you can point to his blinking voicemail messages so that after the movie,you can run around, finding internet access from AT&Tto donate the remaining balance on your checking account to endangered elephants everywhere’s: the ASPCA. 3. With a girl you can hoorah one another or both for checking off the ‘DONATE=$50’ box (the amount that’s maybe left in both your accounts) on the ASPCA’s website for all good elephants everywhere. 
4. Arm and arm with ‘Guy’, use Robert Pattinson’s knack for slow-dancing so that the next time you’re swinging at Club X you can shout “He would’nt rush through this song!” 4. A girl will eye you envying Robert Pattinson’s affections for Reece and will explain: 1. Yes the hot guy (work) probably does know how to dance (like Robert Pattinson) and 2. Yes, I’m pretty sure he will want to try it out by asking you on a date sometime.
5. And, with a guy, you can get him to take your pet to the vet next time around, because it’s the next best endearing thing (if he isn’t already) to being a veterinarian. 5. With a girl you can take turns boosting up your pedestals, forgiving size and shape alike, for your emphasis(es) on endangered, exotic animals (Rosie) Asian/African elephants, and all respect for other living creatures in endangered 

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