Mother’s Day

I was thinking the other day of moments spent with my mom because there have been plenty and I can’t count how many times my mom has been the light in the crowd that stood out to me, well at my graduation for instance. Usually it seems like her hand is two feet tall, waving loud and clear in a sea of onlookers in a crowd of people for an event for me or my brother. And on the other side of the line, when I call her up to tell her that my I did the tile all on my floor, or that I baked (which is rare) she’s the one who shouts on the other end and makes me feel like a star. Sometimes I feel like any normal person, I should keep my accomplishments to myself and not depend on running to my phone and dialing her number right away, I don’t do it with my friends, I am more discreet. But sometimes when I’ve got a bag full of groceries, I’m cleaning up clumping cat litter from obstinate and hyper cats, and when I’m waking up 2, 3 times a night thinking someone wants to get into my place, steal all my stuff (they wouldn’t want to…there’s nothing here), I like to call my mom and hear her say that I’m not doing so bad. I was tossing and turning last night before Mother’s Day because I was wishing I could have let my mom know that I was glad for her and that she was great for being there for me. Down below, if I could rewind, are things I’d say or give her, to say ‘thanks’ for supporting me.

I finished my first (and last) marathon a couple years ago.  My mom was in town and had no idea and when I came up and surprised her she couldn’t stop crying (for like an hour).  If I had it to do all over again I’d grab the microphone from the marathon’s MC, set this amplifier right next to her and say (which is pretty much the truth) that I did it all just to see the look on her face to tell her I finished ( but in yikes! slow..5 hours )

When I was twelve or thirteen and I ran out of the restroom at a nice restaurant to yell to my mom that I’d gotten my ‘womanhood’ my mom took me out the very next day to get get baguettes and coffee, perfume samples from a French perfumery, and a hot pink fucsia bra (of course my choice) from Victoria’s Secret, all in the rain.  If I could, I would have bought this $350 London Fog raincoat since she only had an umbrella.







When I was in the sixth grade and  with a bunch of underachievers I heard there was a ‘Dreamer and Doer’s’  award for the students who contributed the highest achievement rate.  I  worked for it and I got it.  My mom was so excited that she brought me  to the mall the very next day and let me try on as many dresses (I was a  waif/beanpole/toothpick…nothing looked right on me) till we found the  right one.  This is the chair I would have gotten her for waiting on me  all that time…


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