Bald Eagles Probably Won’t trade the Rockies for Shanghai

Just got done reading that the ‘Age of America ‘ will be over, as MSN Money thinks, in five years because China will surpass us in being the world’s largest economy.  Now there’s been times, middle school, when I wished that I wasn’t a gangly girl so that I could rear my chest and intimidate the hell out of the person in front, pestering me.  But that’s when I felt challenged and when I felt that I had to defend myself.  I’m not really sure why some people think that the identity of the U.S. is tied to whether or not it’s the best or whether or not we have the best economy.  Italy and France aren’t beating out other European nations in having  the highest exchange rates, yet visitors, honeymooners, and adorers count the change in their jars till they can visit Paris or Venice.  I think it’s great that Americans have ambition, that we get up early, go to bed late, and save, save, save. But I think our definition can be defined by a lot more than just our economy.

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