Sarah Palin’s Baby Shower

Maybe it’s just the yellow chicks popping up from the purple, blue, and pink Blue Mountain cards that I scrolled through in e-mails, plus the sugar covered yellow peeps dropped along my road from kids racing with loose Easter basket handles.  But I stopped in my tracks when I popped open a magazine full of spring ideas/cooking recipes.  I ran behind a bookshelf at one of the last Borders bookstores I’ll get to see in my town, to check out the pictures of Sarah Palin having the time of her life at her baby shower: A HUNTING PARTY.  Now, I’ve gone to my fair share of baby showers and wished for a clock face big enough on my watch so that I wouldn’t look obvious about checking the time every two minutes.  Besides the deviled eggs and racing opposite teams to fit with toilet paper, a diaper on an old baby doll, baby showers can take a few yawns to get through.  For someone who’s pro-life however, Sarah Palin!  Don’t you think it’s kinda contradictory to have a killing party three weeks before giving birth to your fourth kid?  Check It= Agree; X It= Disagree.  Tell me why…


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